About Us

The New Way to ship.export.import

Our skilled team and award winning industry experience is the key to our success, and we believe in honesty, transparency and good working ethics. Our partnerships with our Global offices and Suppliers is key to our business, the modern world really is a small place. Welcome to the world of Trade Freight International where moving freight is more than just A to B.

Who We Are

Trade Freight International is an industry award winning and UK based logistics provider, offering services that include freight forwarding, export packing, haulage and projects.

We work in partnership with the worlds leading air charter solutions for cargo movements. With more than 30 supplier offices strategically located across 6 continents, our global supplier coverage is unparalleled.

Our head office and main site is in Newark, Nottinghamshire and has a comprehensive range of equipment from; Mobile cranes, overhead cranes (60t twin lift), forklift trucks, container lifter/stacker, mobile loading ramps, scissor lifts and cherry pickers and working aloft beams and equipment.

Our site is one of the most advanced freight handling sites in the UK and offers a solution for almost any type of freight, no matter what the size or weight.

Our History