Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

For a number of years we have been working with various businesses, individual customers and auction houses that sell and purchase 1 off machines and equipment. With our in-house export packing facility, export packers around the world and extensive list of overseas agents, we can offer site visits to assess your requirements, custom built packing for safe transport and shipping to and from any county on the planet.

Relocating equipment within clean environments is a specialised service which Trade Freight International Ltd are highly qualified to provide. With experience, we believe that our understandings of the delicate workings of a laboratory reflects the high quality relocation service we provide.

We have gained a sophisticated knowledge of both the protective packing that is needed, and the delicate methodology for handling and transporting this type of equipment in a cost-effective way.

So whether you’re moving your laboratory or healthcare facility down the hall or around the world, we offer a complete range of laboratory relocation services for regulated and non-regulated sites. We provide all of the planning, moving, and post-move services to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Moving laboratories is a demanding operation at the best of times. Even modern laboratories can pose serious access problems, and some older premises can be extremely difficult to get around. Older lifts are often not big enough, and doorways and corridors are too cramped for moving big apparatus. Our laboratory move management team takes these problems in their stride by using a variety of stair climbers, lifting gear and tools, and have the expertise to solve all of these types of problems associated with specialist laboratory removals.

In instances where Hazardous Goods need transporting we have ADR trained members of staff on hand who can complete the request whilst complying with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

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