When we were asked by one of our key customers based in Shanghai to assist in the shipment of a McLaren MP4-22 Mercedes Formula 1 ® we could not wait to get involved.

The MP4 – 22 is the 2007 model as driven by Lewis Hamilton was loaded into our specially designed F1 trailer, pulled by our Ford Ranger Wild Track.  This enabled us to safely transport the F1 car to our Newark depot for packing.

See the offloading here.


The next leg of the journey for this vehicle will be done via 20ft shipping container and is destined to arrive via Sea freight in Shanghai at the beginning of August 2020.

From here this will be taken to it’s new home where it will be exhibited as a show car.

See loading here


If you are interested in the MP4-22 and are looking for more information including specifications visit https://www.f1technical.net/f1db/cars/920/mclaren-mp4-22

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