Shipping to Australia from the UK of Durham University’s Solar Car:

Australia are the hosts of the World Solar Car Challenge 2015 and will be the destination for the Durham University Solar Car (DUSC) in October.

The car will race against 50 other solar cars in Australia in an attempt to be the fastest solar car to cover the 3,000 kilometres.

This take place from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south.

This is an amazing achievement considering it’s a student project and most of the team are undergraduate students.

The budget the students had for this project was a mere £80,000.

This is low compared to some entries which have cost millions.

The Solar Car arrived to us securley locked in its trailer.

Our sister company International Export Packers then packed it and loaded it in to a shipping container ready for us to ship it to Australia.

Ars technica have also done a feature on this futuristic looking machine, click on the link below to read more.

DUSC Trailer shipping to Australia Shipping to Australia - Container Shipping to Australia Solar Car solar car shipping to Australia

To keep up to date on the progress or read more about the team and the Solar Car visit

Alternatively read the feature

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