When they said everyday was a school day they were not kidding. Since joining the team at the International Logistics Centre I have had so many opportunities to learn about historical events from around the globe.

This latest shipment was by no means any different.

When I was told that we were shipping a camel, I’m not going to lie I did have to do a double take and pause for a second. Of course it was not a live camel, but a Land Rover Discovery – Camel Trophy.

Now I am a bit girly when it comes to these sorts of things and until recently cars have never really interested me, but having the opportunity to investigate the back story of these shipments has actually changed my perspective and allowed me to see these vehicles as so much more that something to get me from A to B.

So what have a learnt about the Camel Trophy? Firstly, between 1981 and 1989 Land Rover where the only manufacturer in the Camel Trophy. Each vehicle was identical. The iconic Camel – liveried headboard coupled with the black roof-rack and quad roof- mounted spot lights make this the ‘best version of the best 4×4’

I have to say that the images on line of the Camel Trophy vehicles leave me with goose bumps. They are quite literally all terrain and endure some pretty intense environments during the course of these races. However, there is something that sticks out to me more than anything when I look through the various pictures and read the stories, it’s a sense of community. The teams, despite competing against one another are like family and help each other out when they get stuck in ‘ a little mud’,

There is so much more I could say about these but if you are interested in looking into these here are a few websites that I enjoyed looking through.





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