The Transportation of the Venus Rising Sculpture:

Venus Rising Sculpture Australia was designed by acclaimed artist Wolfgang Butress.

Wolfgang worked closely with a local company located in Nottingham to develop the concept.

After the initial fabrication of the hollow spiral our sister company International Export Packers secured and packed the sculpture into containers and flatbeds.

The freight was then ready for us at Trade Freight to safely transport the containers and cases to the docks.

At this point they were loaded onto the Maersk Enfield and exported to Brisbane, Australia.

See the installation of the Venus Rising Structure by clicking on the link:

Read about the packing from our sister company International Export Packers here

Venus Rising Sculpture - InsideVenus rising sculptureVenus Rising Sculpture-shipping containerVenus Rising SculptureVenus rising sculpture

MAERSK ENFIELD Venus Rising Ship


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